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Caramel Doctor: Mrs Pie is suffering slight PTSD, but is on the psychological mend with help from her friends and loved ones

Twilight: I offered to examine her myself, but she wouldn’t stop crying and apologizing when she saw me, and yes, before you ask - when modern pharmaceuticals failed, she was written a prescription for cuddles.image

(in reference to)

Never underestimate the combustive abilities of candy machines … I went through like, fifty helicopters before I made one that worked

"Say Ahh!"

Pinkie: … now where was I… husband… train… eyeballs…

Gummy: *blinks wetly in a way that implies that the real story is in the captions*


Sir Boxworth is stuffed!! Thank you all so much for the tasty asks!!

Pfft … BonFire hehehe


My new pet Lord Boxworth the Eighty First is really hungry for your questions

is there any chance I could get some food for him? c:>

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