A quick foreword before I jump into the why’s and how’s - You should never push yourself to change the way you look to please others. You are beautiful the way you are, and anyone who doesn’t like you because of the way you look, they’re not worth your time.

Now that that’s out of the way - I’m opening 10 slots for $15 still-image commissions to cover fees for a bootcamp that seems like it’ll be great for getting in shape, because I don’t like the way I look now, and I need to feel like I’m not the stay puff marshmallow man.

Flex dem finger muscles to click and see my unmoving fingerpaintings - be warned - tis not for the faint of heart, or liver.

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spoilerz for next work with coolfriend<3

dj horse and happy pink, next part is gamerflatchest and diamondboobs


(To the best Pinke in all internet <3)

holy moly you make her look so pretty!! โ˜†0โ˜†



Audio to go with pinkie-replies' post. :u




Vinyl and I missed the Prom, but it didn’t stop us from having a lot of fun!!!

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[edit: Longer animation at the beginning, Click for HD]

[Vinyl’s half of the prom]

Brr, I’m tellin ya - I can’t deal with these crazy allergies this time of year.

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[Anyone who’s offended by the beauty of a human form can click this link and then feel free to unfollow, everyone else can be reassured that this is as nsfw as it gets here]


Massive thanks to Chattersthebutt for specific anatomical help

This blog is now nsfw, Iโ€™m leaving the full picture under a read more for the people not interested in continuing to support a nsfw blog.

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Caramel Doctor: Mrs Pie is suffering slight PTSD, but is on the psychological mend with help from her friends and loved ones

Twilight: I offered to examine her myself, but she wouldn’t stop crying and apologizing when she saw me, and yes, before you ask - when modern pharmaceuticals failed, she was written a prescription for cuddles.image

(in reference to)

Never underestimate the combustive abilities of candy machines … I went through like, fifty helicopters before I made one that worked

"Say Ahh!"

Pinkie: … now where was I… husband… train… eyeballs…

Gummy: *blinks wetly in a way that implies that the real story is in the captions*